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January 22, 2021


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A ShutterBug Explores

Jackson ~ what a treasure ~ so sorry for your loss for your beautiful fur person ~ it is so hard to lose our sweet family member ~ so glad he shared 20 years with you.

Lovely photo, haiku and beautiful message ~ Xox

Moment by Moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


It's hard to bid farewell to someone who's been part of our lives for years and years. May you find peace as you remember Jackson and all his purrs and snuggles.


Thank you for sharing this regal cat of so many years with us, Rebecca, and your heart over this loss. He is continuing to heal hearts, as he has touched mine this morning. I love you my friend, and send a hug and my heart. XO


Its so odd, but this past few days, in my IG travels, I have come across two birds and one dog that had to be bid farewell. Now Jackson. They all must be meeting somewhere, for a big angel party. r.i.p. handsome Jackson. I can see that you were so loved! You came to the right place 20 years ago. I'm sorry for your broken heart, Rebecca. It will heal with time, although it will always have a crack in it; a crack left by the love you gave to Jackson. xo

Cathy Keller

I'm so sorry for your loss. Our cats are a delight to us too. And have missed the ones who have blessed us with their presence. Hoping you find consolation and healing in your memories. Wishing you well.


It was like my own cat looked at me... "James" looked just the same, I lossed him over 10 years ago but I still miss him sometimes. So sorry for your loss Rebecca. Big hug!

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