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August 14, 2020


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Dear Rebecca thank you for these seeds of kindness, in your photo, haiku, and words below. I plant them in my heart, right now, to grow and help me tend the garden within so that I can find my own kindness and help others do the same. What would happen if we all together planted seeds of kindness? What a beautiful garden this Earth would be... All my love. XO


Summer can't go fast enough for me! We are enduring a spate of triple-digit days here in Southern California, and it's, well, hell! Still, I'm glad to be here at Rebecca's Haiku House, taking in the beauty. :)


So happy to be here each Friday. Your haiku room is a bright calm place in this chaotic world. I always look forward to coming here and I LOVE that bird/sunflower picture. Be well. xo

Reading Pleasure

Oh yes. There is peace in the very small things we might not heed and see. That peace, perfect peace. How sublime. :-)

Cathy Keller

Feeding the birds, what an endearing poem. And summer is almost gone. It went relatively fast for me. Thank you for this and all others that have made my Fridays! Have a wonderful weekend!

ms pie

i loved reading about planting for 20 years... i too have plants i have watched grow and thrive for 20 years... growing taller coming back every year.... looking at life in the light despite all that is going on around us...

Magical Mystical Teacher

If we can't find peace in the small things, how can we find peace at all?


Sunflowers winding down are so beautiful... when holiday ends and tourists leave my island, children go back to school and the sunflowers slowly turn into brown: that's MY season welcoming me! Have a lovely Sunday dear one, big hug from the Netherlands!

A ShutterBug Explores

Rebecca ~ what a treasure post of beauty and kindness in your words and photo ~ I watch the goldfinches here in MA with delight and indeed, it is the small things that give me joy ~ Love and kindness to you and all.

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

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