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August 16, 2018


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Dearest Rebecca, it is good to be home and as you know... our dear MMT took very good care of us. Oh what a songbird our Aretha. Her voice, the queen of soul, is in every cell of my being throughout most of my life at all the important moments... I am so grateful for brave souls like her who let themselves shine despite so much tragedy and obstacles, making the world a better place for us all. Like you. Like Haiku My Heart. Like this Circle. I am so grateful to be here. XOXOXOXO


Welcome back Rebecca, glad you're here again! I didn't know MMT hosted the haiku-friday the past couple of weeks... I posted my haiku on my blog but had no idea I could put my link up at her place. Oh well, I will take better notice next time.
Your haiku is a beautiful tribute to the soulfull lady that passed away. Her music will live on. Have a wonderful weekend dear!


The silence of the songbird is deafening...

Magical Mystical Teacher

It was a pleasure to host for two weeks, Rebecca. Haiku My Heart must go on!

Reading Pleasure

Good to see you back, Rebecca. MMT was super.
And that is a lovely tribute you have for Aretha Franklin. May her soul fly free.

Cathy Keller

A lovely tribute to the "Queen." Have a grand weekend!


Lovely tribute to Aretha. I am happy you are back. Loved MMT for standing in for you. xoxo

Jutta Kupke

Nice to see you again !
Sorry,but I can not link my post again.
Since yesterday I have tried it, it does not work.
Here he is

Warm regards

Jutta Kupke

Oh no,
that's the wrong link.
I'm sorry about it,
that's the right thing

Lisa at Greenbow

Welcome back.
You were missed.

Jutta Kupke

Your haiku is a beautiful tribute to the soulfull lady !
You found wonderful words.
Good to see you back !
Warm regards from Germany

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