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February 08, 2018


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The image of a cathedral of belonging is both powerful and loving. How blessed I am to enter this cathedral and find you here, Rebecca!


How tender are your words, full,of compassion. Wishing you well.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Being the light of love is not always easy, but it is always worth it!

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful flower photo and another loving haiku and post ~ xxx

Happy Weekend to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Blessings, Rebecca.


Dear Rebecca, My tulip trees are also blooming. They are indeed candles of light and spark my heart as does your haiku and the words that follow. How these Fridays have shaped my life is more than I actually realize. Sometimes I get a glimpse when I see how this circle always touches me, with each offering. Thank you for this dear friend. Love to you, and gentle kindness in unexpected places, always. XO


Love and light hand in hand be it in a cathedral or a garden. Thank you for this sanctuary.

Lisa at Greenbow

Such a lovely prayer. I am patiently awaiting that light. Still cold and overcast here but the warmth and love found here compensates for cold weather.


A weary traveler here returning to your warm Friday haiku after many months away. The cold winter has kept vigil for some weeks now. Yet, it is only through the solemnity of winter that we can experience a rebirth of spirit when the sun peeks through the clouds. Today, the sun dropped in for a short visit as if to say,"Keep the faith.I will be returning soon with a packed suitcase."


Please remove the first link I posted for Marilyn. The number is 10. I entered the wrong link. THANKS!

Unshelved Words

Derek Dupp

This is a delightful post with such a super prompt. Thanks for this.
Everyone here has given me such a fine welcome too. Lovely

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