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October 05, 2017


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We now hold those threads of fireflies, campfires, kites flying on an endless sky of blue... and imaginary realms where dragons and faeries are real... we weave them into our small words and send them out into the world, medicine for the soul and for all the places that are broken. Thank you Rebecca for your generous heart and for this space. It is the hearth of my week. I love you so. XOXO


Yes, the world is often cold, and, yes, summer often eludes us, but I refuse to walk away from even the smallest spark, or the tiniest glimmer of light. Join me in the quest, won't you?


This room, which you provide each Friday, is my tiny shelter from the cold world. I believe, from your safe place. we can stand together and hold up the sky. Its so warm here. xo

Reading Pleasure

Your second poem could pass for a cherita, Rebecca. So beautiful. Do have a lovely weekend. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow

Hang in there lady. You are going to make it. We all will even though it is a struggle sometimes. Especially when life is contorted by the demented.

A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

Rebecca so glad to be able to get on your haiku site ~ your words express current times so well ~ wishing you 'inner peace' despite the world's troubles ~

Lovely haiku as always ~ xox

A ShutterBug Explores ~ aka (A Creative Harbor)

ms pie

the sweet fragrance of coming back ... been awhile since visiting.. started writing again.. love your words and space.. such a pleasure.. hope all is well ... ms pie

Susan Fox

I'm here my love with you propping up the sky, although I have my own troubles (see IG 03/10) l still am strong enough to take my stand with you and more determined than ever to Believe Trust in the power of love, you taught me! Hugs ❤✨💫

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