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May 04, 2017


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Today's vote in the House of Representatives has taught us that the theme song of those in power is "Every Man for Himself." Their shamelessness knows no bounds. As long as they enrich their own coffers and keep their cushy jobs, they care not one whit what happens to those with pre-existing conditions, including you.

These are difficult times. I find solace in poetry, now more than ever before. Thank you for this sacred gathering place, Rebecca, where we may share the poems that trickle into our hearts. May our poems somehow help to heal each other of this madness.


I wish I could take this all away... that something I do in my prayers, my thoughts, my daily actions... would crack open these stone hearts... I am so sorry Rebecca that this senseless vote impacts you and so many others so deeply and without care and tenderness.

I too am so grateful for this space. I don't know what I would do without my poetry and this weekly gathering that always touches my heart and helps me to connect with the world around and within me from different vantage points. For this space to take my sorrow, my anxiety, my fears and transform them with image and words.

Thank you for offering us the opportunity to use our alphabet for stirring love and compassion and witness to where we each are. I love you dearly my friend. XOXOXO

Reading Pleasure

I'm so sad that this is happening. How we all in Africa looked up to America, the yardstick. Alas!. Perhaps, it is time we all sought out our Maker, more than ever. These are awful times.

Hugs, Rebecca. And peace.

Lisa at Greenbow

Yes, this is a travesty. A tragedy to many. Peace.


I share your pain and disbelief over the vanishing of an inclusive, compassionate America. How was I so blind to the vicious undercurrent that brought this hateful, narcissistic being (and his cronies) into the White House? How long will it take to heal the damage inflicted? How many will be lost because their repeal and replace seeks not to provide hope to those needing medical care, but to the insurance companies that seek to maximize profit while providing the least benefits to the fewest people. Shameful!

artmusedog and carol

Rebecca ~ don't give up yet ~ hoping this will not pass the other voting half ~ It is terrible and we need to get rid of this 45th President ~ he is heartless ~ America is still great and the people will rise up ~ xox

Gorgeous photo and divine haiku ~ thanks,

Happy Day to you ~ ^_^

Susan Fox

Dearest Rebecca, my heart sinks too at this news although I have had to look up what this means for you not living in your land, but yes I feel your pain and would wear the black band of solidarity with you... I am going to link here in solidarity with all that you and your postings stand for...sending much love dear. x


I stand with you, Rebecca, and I hear the cry of the mourning dove. And although the fire in the WH burns high ,high fires do not last.


We do still LOVE and appreciate our diversity. Health care is a matter of human rights. In the long run the resisters will not let this happen.

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