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February 09, 2017


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Yes. With all my heart. XOXOXO

Anne Jeffries

I built a shelter
Brick by brick
But helter became skelter
And I lost the trick
Of trusting expectation
Beating my breast in expiation.

Railing, I huff
Gasping, I puff
In fury I shake a fist
Words become deranged, they twist
And turn into something
They. Are. Not.


Things are certainly upside down these days. Only persistent poets can make them right side up again. Let us persist.

Lisa at Greenbow

Perfect photo.


May we all learn to be the shelter in the storm and grow our roots deep so we withstand the winds of hate and intolerance.


dearest Rebecca, when I visit here, know that for the few moments I spend reading and absorbing, I am feeling sheltered, loved, peaceful and protected, and when I leave my heart is light.

Jutta K. Germany

Was für ein wundervoller Text,
dem ich voll und ganz zu stimme.
Liebe Grüße

artmusedog and carol

A Wonderful post for I think most are concerned with the direction of this country and thus the world ~ that photo and haiku are awesome ~

Most importantly ~ sending lots of distant healing reiki hugs to you and the strength, hope and love to cope each moment ~ xox

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Weekend ~ ^_^

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