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January 19, 2017


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How I love this blue blanket wrapping my dreams, keeping them safe until we awake... Thank you Rebecca for this beauty, these small words of joy that are full of such fierce love. XOXOXO


Thinking of you all, over there in the USA, today... please keep on dreaming, keep on writing poetry, keep on doing art despite all the negativeness. Big hug from the Netherlands!

Anne Jeffries

Sky blue teal ladened
with milky white clouds covers me
like a cashmer shawl

Magical Mystical Teacher

On this Inauguration Day in the United States, it is especially important for dreamers to keep dreaming, and hopers to keep hoping, and prayers to keep praying, and workers to keep working for a world of peace and justice and love.

Lisa at Greenbow

I love coming here for positive reinforcement. Also it is so beautifully illustrated through words and photos.

artmusedog and carol

Lanston Huges was such a delight and your photography and haiku are so loving ~ thanks, xox

Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^


Even a bit of tiny jubilant love
sustains. Thank you beautiful Rebecca.


fingers of the world
poking us in too-rough ways
give us some solace

Deb Taylor

to be here again
is like a familiar friend
like I never left



in your slumber I reside
your restless cries of fear
or joyful tears and smiles
are mine

i am the curator of your dreams

i – the director of your sleeping theater
costume changer
story teller
dancer and musician

give you restless tossing or peaceful slumber

in your sleep i offer brilliant diamonds
or pounding terror of pandora’s box
and gentle whispering wings of memory’s angels
i am the steward of your sleeping thoughts

i am the dreamkeeper

Dreamy Blessings, Rebecca I wish you the diamonds.

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