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December 06, 2016


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To stop in the midst of the craziness of busy-ness, to breathe in the rapture of love and compassion, tis a blessing.


I can only say these are the most beautiful poetic thoughts I have ever read. Thank you for making my morning pleasant! xo

Magical Mystical Teacher

The first time I saw Mary in a mercado, I thought it odd. Then I reconsidered: Why shouldn't we be reminded of the divine as we go about our daily tasks? Thank you for your thoughtful reflection on the presence of the holy, whether we are aware of that presence or not.


"A pause for love tucked into the creases of hurried life" Yes! A sacred pause.

Frances Pullara

As I've told you repeatedly, you should publish a book. Your words are like soothing balm on the injured parts of me. I love the neon effect in these photos. Do you use filters?

peggy gatto

Enjoy the little things!


The riot of color that surrounds Mary in Mexican culture is the main reason why I so favor their displays of love and reverence.


I love as always love the nourishment your words feed to my soul. I have been very bush the last five days gathering documentation for a darling house I hope to own. So I'll mainly just be coming here to feed. Our loving Blessed Mother certainly inspires the bloggers in their writings and gorgeous art (as you showed us today) each of them share. thank you, Rebecca!

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