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December 09, 2016


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My life is forever changed because of our paths crossing... you are woven into the fabric of my being Rebecca, as is this circle of small words and these days of honoring the divine, beauty, and life. Through all the seasons we circle and celebrate this light of our hearts. XOXOXO


Thank YOU Rebecca, for always being here, lighting the fire and keeping this tribe warm. I love gathering and connecting with this wonderful circle. Although I am not around every week, you are in my heart and I keep on coming back.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Paths that cross...what a wonder-filled confluence!


Listen to the silent heart songs and feel the blessings coming your way. xo

Fran aka Redondowriter

Ah, our lady in the snow. As an Angeleno who rarely sees snow here or in my travels, I feel a kind of hushed sacredness. I imagine myself all bundled up but feeling the chill in my bones. I crunch through the snow and stand before her, my breath coming in puffs. There is a hush, silence, That's how you have set the scene for my day today. Thanks, Rebecca.


dearest Rebecca, your subject seems to inspire even comments here, as with today's. as I said earlier, I've taken no pics with our subject because of time spent trying to have "all my ducks in a row" to complete my hope to own a house.


duh! I forgot to comment on your beautiful post. I like the garland of snow around Mary's ivory neck. We had our first snow last night. I haven't been outdoors today; I'll see where snow landed on my Mary statue.


I can't remember the day our paths first crossed but I will never forget you, a great blessing in our lives dear Rebecca.

peggy gatto

Mary has been a part of our family for so long!!!

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