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December 23, 2016


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Thank you for the reminder that we are the light that needs to shine in this world of darkness--and shine we shall! Merry Christmas, Rebecca!

Lisa at Greenbow

Your beautiful poetry is a light that fills me up inside. Merry Christmas.

Mark M. Redfearn

I'm ready for a star-filled melody right now. I hope I can hear one! Season's best to all who stop by here to leave a gift of haiku.


Blessings Rebecca, today, this season, and always. Your poetic words shine! Merry Christmas. xo


Yes. I search for this spark in everything I do, even when I forget that we are all stardust... love you dearly Rebecca and wishing you and our circle rippling out all the best for this festival of light. XOXOXO

artmusedog and carol

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you ~ another beautiful post, photo and haiku ~ I let the light shower me each day ~ xox

Ramesh Sood

Merry Christmas!!! Couldn't be around..for past few weeks.. Missed this space and I am back.. Thanks Rebecca.. Stay blessed, stay happy..



Hello dear Haiku Circle! If you are looking for the last Haiku Gathering of 2016 it's being hosted by our Magical Mystical Teacher as Rebecca's computer is down! Here's the link:

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