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November 17, 2016


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Oh these diamonds sprinkle across my heart Rebecca and ease the ache of falling leaves that stir around my feet, walking this path into Winter with the promise of Spring sleeping soundly... Thank you for having us here, to share our corners of the world, weaving a tapestry of our common uniqueness for which I am so grateful. XOXOXO


"Life is a song of letting go..." - oh dear, how right you are! It's good to re-connect with your blog, your words, YOU on this cold Friday. May your weekend be filled with love and warmth.

Susan Fox

The first snowflakes are falling here in the UK but I'm feeling a real warmth within this morning as I tap my keys knowing you and this place of comfort... Your beautiful words always fill me with wonderment like a child listening to her parent's stories... It is nearly seven years now since I came here to your home of belonging, I am as always grateful for you and this place under the stars...Hugs x

Susan Fox

PS I may not be able to visit everyone until next week but send my love to all....x

Magical Mystical Teacher

Songs of letting go are so sad...and so necessary! A blessed day to all who visit this sacred space, and even to those who don't. There are more than enough blessings to go around.


Echoing MMT, the blessings are there. Enough for all. And top blessings for you, Rebecca, for holding us all in love each Friday. xo

Reading Pleasure

A shimmering haiku, just like your words. Have a blessed weekend, Rebecca.

Lisa at Greenbow

This picture was surely taking in the Southern Hemisphere. All of those stars. I have never seen them so plentiful in North America. Beautiful photo and beautiful haiku. I could see the stars just by reading your haiku. Lovely.

artmusedog and carol

Magnificent photo with those divine stars and another exquisite and timely haiku ~ thanks.

Wishing you a gentle weekend ~ ^_^

Hélène Vaillant

Beautiful selection for writing a haiku. Your post and others I visited above were so very inspiring that I have posted one of my own to the link today.
thank you for sharing such beauty.


ever able to feed my soul, thank you, dear Rebecca

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