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October 13, 2016


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How I wish I were traveling with you... or could sneak into your suitcase, although Billie would not appreciate that! I too, miss you already! And wish you a rejuvenating and meaningful time of friends, and the magic of that special, special city that is forever in my heart, as are you dearest friend. Buen vijae. XOXOXO

Magical Mystical Teacher

Dear Rebecca, I'll be happy to host Haiku My Heart while you are in San Miguel. (How I wish I could go too!) E-mail me, and we'll work out the details. Have a wonder-filled journey!

Susan Fox

♥♥♥ So long dear friend,
enjoy enjoy enjoy ♥♥♥


Oh yes I wish I was going too. Keeping you in my heart. Enjoy the colors, flavors, fountains, churches, people, friendships and all you cherish there. with love...


Be safe. I know you will have a wonderful visit to your favorite city. Lose yourself in all the love and wonder. :)

artmusedog and carol

Another colorful and beautiful photo and lovely haiku ~ Have a wonderful and special trip ~ please pray for me and all ~ xox

Wishing you a special week ~ ^_^


I too am wishing I was going to along to SMA with you this time around. I know you will have a wonderful time!! xo

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