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September 01, 2016


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Mark M. Redfearn

And then she became a featherweight? Nah, I didn't think so! (Those are some gorgeous feather photos, Rebecca.)


For when we choose the lens of love... anything becomes possible. Anything. Even flying. And these beautiful words and photos that you share with us dear Rebecca... are a ticket to paradise. Love you dearly. XOXOXO


I will pick up a feather today and send a warm hug your way Rebecca!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I love your contemplation!


Thank you Rebecca, just for being in my life and bringing me some moments of pleasure each Friday with your lovely written thoughts, and providing a connection to other special people. xo

artmusedog and carol

Always a wonderful life message with your haiku and creative photography! ^_^

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Weekend ~ ^_^

Reading Pleasure

Always a pleasure to be here, dear Rebecca.


Everything exists in every moment.Love that.
Love you too dear Rebecca.Always and always.


you are a breath of fresh air, my friend. my cat Jax keeps pushing the keyboards drawer; he is trying to rub his head against it. relief- he just jumped down! I needed a reminder that the door to love is always open- thank you, dear!


so very wonderful to 'hear' your sweet voice in my typepad comments...and to read your beautiful poetry here. Yes, my head is swirling with SMA memories as we step out in our gigantes.


Payal Agarwal

Just facing these light and dark moments. I'm breathing. Thank you for writing this. :)

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