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July 07, 2016


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My haiku that came to me this afternoon was about the dry desert blooming... when there is nothing, something always comes, it is the law of nature. So in this fertile space that you leave for us, your haiku is written... it is there in the photo, in your care of your mother, in your sweet heart, and that you hold this space for us, it is there that those seventeen syllables are eloquently penned... I will read them over and over and send my love continually for your heart and your mother's healing. So much love to you my dear friend. XO

Payal Agarwal

"Love straight from your heart." Beautiful reminder. Sending positive vibes and prayers your way.

Magical Mystical Teacher

It is true, as Lea says: "When there is nothing, something always comes." May that something surprise you with joy today.

Lisa at Greenbow

Hospitals are so boring and scary at the same time. Do take care of yourself as well as your Mother. Best of care will hopefully help her along to good health. Prayers...for both of you.

artmusedog and carol

Sending lots of healing hugs for both your Mom and you ~ rest and be well ~ xox

Reading Pleasure

Sending prayers for your mom's recovery, Rebecca. Peace, and love.


Sending love and healing prayers to your mother dearest Rebecca. Smiling at the notion that you didn't have a Haiku in you. You must've been exhausted. Please take care of yourself as well LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.


Dear Haiku Circle, Rebecca has asked that we use the July 7th haiku for our new July 15th haiku posts. She is still with her mother and is unable to make a new post. I've been thinking of her all week and all the more as we gather together to share our small words that mean so much...


Love and light to you and yours, Rebecca. Feel the hugs, embrace the heart.


I am just reading last week's post. I pray for you every day any way so now I will include your momma. You mean so much to all of us. May your mother get well, and please take care to rest whenever you get the chance. Sending heartfelt hugs to you and her.


Dearest Rebecca, You and yours are remembered in my prayers.


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