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April 14, 2016


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This is oh so beautiful Rebecca! How I love the manzanita, and these tiny pink cups fill my soul with such delight! Add to that the drone of bees, and I want to stretch out beneath and slip into the world of dreams and hope and the magic and miracle of such beauty! XOXOXOXO


My world is filled with light blue and the flutter of many hearts.

Lisa at Greenbow

I love the idea of dizzy bees. Drunk on the fresh spring nectar and pollen. Makes me dizzy just thinking about it...oh no, that is just my allergies kicking in. ;)


It's good to be back, sharing tiny poems with everyone. Have a great weekend, as you contemplate the colors and light of Rebecca's haiku.


Again, I find such beauty here. Happy weekend to you!

Magical Mystical Teacher

May the fragile beauty of the entire world leave us breathless with wonder.

Deb Taylor

I am drunk with you
Like a dizzy bee
Springtime poetry

Laura Hegfield

On Rebecca, your photo, your writing, bless us all.


Manzanita is one of my favorites. From the red bark, pink flowers in spring to the silver gray bark of an older plant. BEAUTIFUL.


Rebecca, your blogposts are so beautiful and the photos with it are so perfect. Your writings would make a special book. Really, you should! In this post, you make the southwest sound so wonderful and special. Of course, it is. xo

Arnoldo L. Romero

Better late than never!

Ramesh Sood

Late but then I did reach heare... Thanks..This is a wonderful space..


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