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March 31, 2016


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Susan Fox

Couldn't you just dive in and swim? I want to be there! But knowing there is plenty of love to go round here beside the well stirs the magic too.....x

Arnoldo L. Romero

There is so much truth in these words about true friendships. I was inspired by some turtles during a nature walk to write a Haiku to accompany an etigami I did for my daughter. Blessings!

Payal Agarwal

True words. Can't say more. It's simply beautiful.


What true wisdom is held in these words! So very beautiful and heartwarming. Wishing you well, dear friend!

Magical Mystical Teacher

How glad I am for friends who quench my thirst, especially those who visit Haiku My Heart!

artmusedog and carol

Rebecca ~ haiku is so true and divine photography !

Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^


I think this is one of my favorite haiku ever... The photo and your words my dear friend, they fill more than my heart... thank you! XOXOXO

Laura Hegfield

Oh how wonderful!


Rebecca, You quench my thirst as well dear friend.


We are never alone, are we, Rebecca?

Deb Taylor

Rebecca, you quench my thirst for so much more than friendship .
Stay lit...shine your light !!
You, my friend, are Love Light.
Thank you for sharing me here in your sacred space !
It feels so good to be here again on Fridays !
I love you !


Oh girl my computer crashed & too much on phone. Can't wait to return to haiku love.

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