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February 26, 2016


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artmusedog and carol

Good to be 'home' ~ Lovely and exquisite photo of a butterfly ~ thanks.

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^


Synchronicities... how I love to come here and to the circle and find how we weave together in so many ways with our images and words. Thank you Rebecca for welcoming us with all your heart... yes, let us take it all in... xoxoxoxo

Magical Mystical Teacher

Sometimes those perfect moments seem few and far between, but if we open our eyes, they are there!


This is a lovely post, Rebecca. I await the welcoming change of Spring. It is cold here today, and this is sunny Florida! Something must be wrong with the earth. Mother Nature seems displeased lately. My heart dreams of butterfly wings unfurling, bird babies emerging from eggs. and balmy breezes gently waving palm fronds. I even have a nest of black racers under my a/c unit. I know, I'm crazy to leave them alone but they are necessary too. Be well and happy. I send peaceful thoughts. xo


I got my first Iris bloom yesterday. Ah Spring!


Absolutely PERFECT for Spring heralding.

Lisa at Greenbow

Yes, I want to see every bit of spring from the bashful hint of green to the shouting of the blooms.

Ramesh Sood

Happy to be here as always... Thanks Rebecca for the magic of your words and visuals..


Lisa JonesMoore

Always lovely to visit your blog Rebecca!

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