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February 04, 2016


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Magical Mystical Teacher

A starry and moony snowfall---I love it!

Cathy Keller

The comfort of the indoors while cherish the beauty of the snowfall in the light of the moon is almost palpable. Thank you!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

Payal Agarwal

I am smiling too! It's beautiful!! :)


Little gems sparkling with their own star dust, I can see them dancing with you... how I love these wonders that you share dear Rebecca! Lets plant seeds of beauty together in our small words this February day! XO


oh but that beautiful blue of dusk behind the twinkling stars are almost enough to make me forget about the promise of spring...almost.


What a lovely post. I can sense the warmth of your heart, knowing you take care of these tiny toys of nature. Thanks for that!

Laura Hegfield

"caretakers of wonder" I love these words… may it be so for all of us. It is snowing here today, which is a rare treat this year so far, even in NH where we should have several feet by now. It is beautiful and I was Happy to observe the fairy dust falling from beneath the shelter of a great pine, bent from the weight of the heavy snow, my dog by my side.

artmusedog and carol

What magical and magnificent photo! Lovely and expressive haiku ~ it is snowing here also ~

Happy Weekend to you, ^_^


Wishing you warmth within while it is still cold without.

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