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January 14, 2016


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Magical Mystical Teacher

When I hold on to chance, I'm always afraid it will slip away...


hi dear Rebecca...have a post to share that will publish tomorrow am. I am bone tired and off to bed...will link tomorrow



How brave that this one leaf waited... just for you to find that thread of poetry in thin air... that leaf took quite a chance... and I'm so glad it did... love you my dear Rebecca and this circle gathering... XO

Payal Agarwal

I missed this place. Wishing everyone a very happy new year. Rebecca, your post as always is beautiful. I love that bright poetry of yours.

Laura Hegfield

The leaf ringed in light like a halo and your exquisite haiku a paired beautifully dear Rebecca, Thank you for this uplift, on a gray morning here in NH.

artmusedog and carol

Dramatic photo in its simplicity ~ I am always amazed when I see the single leaf hanging on ~ Lovely haiku as always ~

Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^


Such a lovely photo and haiku, Rebecca, the leaf knowing it must take it's chance to fall to its destiny. As we all must do.

And thank you for giving me the chance to visit with others who enjoy haiku as much as I do. xoxo

Susan Fox

Once again with a grateful heart I arrive with my five seven five amounting to more than you will ever know...x

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