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August 07, 2015


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Reading Pleasure

What a beautiful haiku! So apt for the photo. Have a lovely weekend, Rebecca.

Payal Agarwal

How wonderful! Thank you.. :)

Magical Mystical Teacher

Thank you for this brilliant beginning to the weekend!


The sky, night and day, steals my heart every time... as does our circle... love you so my starry Rebecca. XO


You, Rebecca, and your haiku friends make Friday something to look forward to in a sometimes humdrum week. Happy Day!! xo It's raining here....again! I do love rainy days... gather the droplets with me and we will fling them to those dry corners of our world...


Luminous is such a great word for our otherwise impossible to describe sky both day and night. Love and light to you. xx


Once in a great while, the stars GLOW above our world. The moon is in hiding, residual light from the ground is less. The viewing is good for seeing the points of light that lead back to long gone worlds.

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