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August 14, 2015


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Payal Agarwal

Ah yes! Every moment is new. Beautiful! :)

Mark M. Redfearn

Thank you for being here each week, Rebecca. What a great gathering place this is!

Reading Pleasure

Beautiful post on forgiveness, Rebecca. May your weekend be full of sunshine.


Ah Rebecca... our camera eyes were looking in the same place this week... at the heart of all things were forgiveness is the mantra, of self and other. Thank you for having us here, this circle of seeing all things new. Love you.


A beautiful thought for reflection. What exquisite blue is the color of the morning glory! Have a wonderful weekend!


Letting go is sometimes hard to do...


...and your sun brings more beauty to us each day, as does your Friday Haiku messages. Have a peaceful weekend Rebecca. I am so happy to be part of this Friday gathering. xo


Blue bowl of morning - What an awesome image.


what a lovely image- "the blue bowl of morning"! thank you, dearest Rebecca, for continuing to host this exquisite meme which contributes to my spiritual well-being.


Really a wonder! I very like the blue...
Have a blessed time

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