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July 10, 2015


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Rolling in the light is where I want us all to be, all of the time! Oh, I feel so welcome here! Thank you, Rebecca!

Cathy Keller

Absolutely incredible photo of the bees...Indeed, "rolling in the light." WOW! And the light has a tender warmth!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Reading Pleasure

All that lovely yellow, a sure nectar of love. Lovely weekend, Rebecca.

Payal Agarwal

All I want to say is Thank you for this space so full of love! Beautiful picture and words.


Sunlight on a cactus
Liquid gold
Black passenger

Laura Hegfield

So beautiful dear Rebecca!


How beautiful to tumble into the light here and each of these links... how I love our Fridays and this slowing down to savor our gifts. Thank you Rebecca! XO

artmusedog and carol

love the 'pollinator's rolling in the light' ~ we are pollinators also as I see it ~

Lovely photos and beautiful haiku

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol


Sweet photo of Mother Nature's helpers. What would we do without them? Be well, Rebecca. xoxo


Love seeing those pollinators. Our very lives depend on them nose deep and rolling in light.


amazing capture of the bees in a glorious flower! when I either see a bee or their image, I wonder if a solution has been found to stop the insidious collapsing beehives.

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