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June 25, 2015


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Love and prayers, Rebecca. EVERY thought is a prayer.

Cathy Keller

How beautiful! I especially like "the light becomes us." Have a wonderful weekend!


Yes, this light does become us. I will be thinking of you extra this weekend, as you travel this pilgrimage... I ask that our circle hold all those who care for you, that this window of light shine far and wide and hold you with every prism of color and heart. Love you dear friend, so dearly. XO

Reading Pleasure

It's a joy walking with you, Rebecca.


Our thoughts will be with you as you travel to receive your body's life-giving refreshment. May blessings rain upon you.

Laura Hegfield

Sweet, sweet Rebecca, I am praying for you from the center of my being. May you be held, healed, comforted, protected in the Holy Blessed One's womb of compassion, nourished and nurtured. May your doctors and all the medical professionals caring for you be kind, clear and wise. May you feel the reiki healing love sent forth on your behalf. xoxo


hopes and prayers for healing news

artmusedog and carol

Rebecca love this photo! And your haiku unites with such love ~ xo

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol


Amazing picture and words.
Get well soon, my prayers for you,
greetings from the far Germany

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