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May 22, 2015


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Good morning, dear Rebecca! I'm following in your footsteps, knee deep in things that are holy. Blessings, blessings, blessings to you and to all who spill haiku from their hearts this morning.

Mark M. Redfearn

How good to be here again! Happy Friday to all!

artmusedog and carol

'knee deep in holy' ~ Beautiful and lovely photo! Nature 's gems! ~ What a gift!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol


Thank you for providing this beautiful Friday place for all of us "rogue flowers".


Rogue flower turned into a holy jalapeno
this morning. Love you.

Laura Hegfield

Knee deep in holy… I love this Rebecca. When I went through the field that is our back yard (not yet mowed) toward the woods with my camera this morning, light filtering through the tall grasses and wild flowers, this is exactly how I felt… Knee deep in holy.

Thank you dear one for this wonderful expression and for holding this sacred space for us to connect.


Hello Rebecca and my haiku circle! How glad I am to step into this holy field of words and images and be inspired to look at the world with eyes renewed. Thank you Rebecca for smiling back at me... I so love the twinkle of star light that is you... XO


There just isn't anything like a red poppy. I travel to a field of Italian dreams everytime I see one.


Knee deep in holy - that's my prompt for the next week now...
What marvellous words and photos.
Have a holy time, greetings from Germany


Rogue flowers. I like that.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Just wanted to visit and see how everything is with you and the others whose work I so admire. Hope you are well.

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