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March 13, 2015


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Magical Mystical Teacher

I hope all bees everywhere are flying again soon! A blessed Friday to all!

Reading Pleasure

A lovely haiku, Rebecca. Have a blessed Friday.


Lovely, lovely Manzanita blooms. The butterflies and bees will be well fed. In my yard, they chase the scent of jasmine and the color of milkweed. Tiny, tiny little bees. Your thoughts penned here are even more lovely than the photo. Have a wonderful day filled with peace.


What a lovely Spring haiku/post Rebecca! In the Netherlands, we had some lovely Spring days this week. Daffodils and crocus bloom and tulips are on their way, but it is still a month or so before the other flowers and blossom will be visable... I'm anxiously waiting for that! Enjoy the nature in your part of the world dear - I'm happy to join the link-list and share my 'february haiku' with you today.

Laura Hegfield

How wonderful, we in the North East are waiting for the sun to melt the snow, so blossoms can push their heads through softened earth and the blossoms on trees and bushes will open their hearts in full bloom!


So lovely this takes my breath away.

artmusedog and carol

love the 'pink dizzy with bees' ~ lovely nature haiku and another divine photo!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol


I remember the fresh and enticing fragrance of manzanita from growing up in Southern Califorina. There is nothing like it. I wonder if it is as present today.

Ramesh sood

Oh, my, my.. Rebecca only a beautiful soul like yours can create words like these..WOW!!

"it's like stumbling on a prayer, whispered to the wind."...

I sat quite lost for a few moments.. I am in Panjab where I am on a visit as rains lashed out yesterday night with full fury.. and now I stand in the balcony listening to the prayers..being whispered in my ears by the soothing winds..

Thanks a lot!!

RS :)

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