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January 15, 2015


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good morning my sweet inspirational you...

I believe I may be able to join you on this journey, painting with others all around the world and watching you create your beautiful legacy to brighten the walls and the lives of those in the infusion center



Awesome! I love it! This is a great idea Rebecca!


wow! I did not know this about you. what a fighter you are! I admire your delightful project. I know that these images would cheer me up. may our blessed Mother guide your hands and the hands of others who will be helping.
love and hugs,

Kate Robertson


I am taking Flora's class this time. I wanted to invite you to come over to my site on Friday's. I have started a link day for all forms of creativity, painting, poetry, photography, etc. Here is last weeks link.


Fran aka Redondowriter

You are such an inspiration to me, Rebecca. I'm delighted to hear about your intention for 2015 and I look forward to hearing more about Brave Intuitive You. I am so sorry that going to your Easter workshop won't work for me work-wise and because I also am attending the Spiritual Directors International Conference in Louisville in the spring. But, I'm aiming for the October trip to San Miguel, if at all possible.


Hi! Very colorful and peaceful paintings. They made me happy too. Thanks for sharing.


All the ways you have shared with me and others has given me the opportunity to find my own passion for painting and expression again... first with expressing huge grief and loss and changes with just a few small words every Friday... to stepping on planes and hugging for real, to clicking on internet links and expanding my world... like a nova comet, you have blazed a path into my heart... forever.


May God bless you and your year of painting!! Are you familiar with Pope John Pall II's letter to artists? I haven't read it but do have a copy of it. Maybe you'd be interested. I could find a link to it.


Blessings of healing to you Rebecca. I'm looking forward to following your journey here, and on FB too! Peace to you <3

Jan Davis

Thank you for sharing...your thoughts and dreams and art. Big big hug!


What a wonderful project Rebecca. Thank you for sharing your light with all of us!

Karen Gerstenberger

I want you to know that, because of your courage (your brave, loving, true "coeur"), today I am on my way to spend four days Blooming True with Flora Bowley. Your writing about your adventure with her sparked the dream in me, and the day has come. Thank you! And God bless your project with Genzyme's support. I have long felt that what you are about to create is desperately needed in every medical environment. With gratitude and love to you -

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