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December 07, 2014


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Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm praying to notice the holiness of today--even if it is Sunday! ;)


Loving Lupita.
Every day sacred.

Hettienne Grobler

I just love these words of John O'Donahue : 'betrothed to the unknown'


Abundance, unfailing faith, trust, compassion joy - to stand firm and calm amidst the colourful whirlwind of life.. to know peace


Wasn't John O'Donahue just the best? How divine that his words live on.

Paula Scott

How wish I had the gift to write like that! But, I am glad that others can. So perfectly said.

Fran aka Redondowriter

As you know, John O'Donohue's work is very sacred to me so I was delighted to see it accompanying your primitive and beautiful Mary. I assume it is from San Miguel? And I am deeply drawn to the sacred ordinary concept. It is the name of my blog.


My moments are holy when I visit here... They fill my heart... fill me in extraordinary, but simple ways...

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