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December 03, 2014


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Hettienne Grobler

I have not seen the full image on your photograph before - it is beautiful! I recently visited St Terese's cathedral and convent and the energy of her presence reminds me of this photograph

Deb Taylor

floating in the Holy Water here with you


Lovely picture and words, Rebecca, from one who obviously has a loving heart. I like that you do this every year. It's a sweet thing and makes me feel warm inside when I am able to participate.

Magical Mystical Teacher

It all has to do with love...


Scattering flowers here with LOVE.


If I were to have a patron saint... it would be St. Therese of the little flower. I too would love to scatter these treasures about me as I go, floating in the holy water, carried by life and by the love you offer here.


St. Therese was so intimately acquainted with the fire of love that she burned brightly and died young. Her legacy she left for us, shows us the way to burn brightly as well. Her national shrine is just outside Chicago and I was privileged to visit there this past April. It can be found here -


sharing the love and the light...

Fran aka Redondowriter

So, now I've read and posted day 3. I'm catching up. I am so looking forward to viewing all the participants posts so far.

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