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December 02, 2014


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Magical Mystical Teacher

With you, and others, I celebrate the transformative power of light.


Love us walking together in light, holding hearts and hands and Mary LOVE.

Hettienne Grobler

She has brought us together once again - such a blessing


Blessings to you, Rebecca, as the light shows you the way.

Paula Scott

And I rise to greet you and all others who are here in the light of each new day!


I remember seeing Zurbaran's paintings in The Prado museum and being
Overwhelmed with the sheer size! He is famous for his
perfection in painting fabric. I also loved Murillo.


Hello Rebecca, thanks for the kind invitation,but I don't have a feeling to take part this year.
I will of course be following along.....

Blessings and all best wishes!


I so love these days... anticipating the return of the light, savoring the dark, knowing that it prepares for the seed of all beginnings... that pinpoint of light that crescendos into our heart of hearts...

Yoli Manzo

Hola Rebecca,

I will try and make a few posts. I will be leaving on Friday to SMA. Thanks again for the recommendation. We will be staying at Gina's Casa. :-). I a so thrilled to be there to honor La Virgen's birthday. :-)

Fran aka Redondowriter

Still catching up. Thanks so much for hosting us again, Rebecca.

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