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December 11, 2014


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You have filled me with so much information, so much I was unaware of. Your choreographing was well worth the time you spent. Thank you Rebecca for allowing me to participate in these twelve days again. Be well and peaceful. xo


How magical!


Oh, it IS an unforgettable journey! Thank you!

Lisa JonesMoore

Rebecca. Our time in San Miguel will always be in heart. I am there in spirit!


There is magic all around us, if only we have the heart to see it.

Fran aka Redondowriter

What a wonderful experience and even more so because it serendipitously happened right outside your hotel. What a grand experience for the kids who played Our Lady and Juan Diego. These are great photos--like a journalist would take.


the light is exquisite, the journey divine. blessings.


i should mention, i enjoy that the depiction reminds me how young Mary was, the age of my own children, and though they are great kids, i would not want them to have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, thought they may be capable


Thank you dear Rebecca for this place to tenderly share our Mary love. My days here have been filled with luminous light and love.


Rebecca - huge apologies i have posted with the wrong link yet again, i am not sure why :-) at any rate the second link is for today. L

Hettienne Grobler

magic sheer magic! i am still lighting a candle to travel to Miguel de Allende to meet up with you for Loving Lupita!!

Paula Scott

We DO have one more day left, don't we? Hope so as I have one more planned!

I love this collective journey that we all share for 12 days here.It is so special. There is nothing quite like it. It is truly, a celebration not only of Mary, but who we are as women.


I so love these photos... with the first one I feel as if I could step through my computer screen and join you on the cobblestones of this beloved city that captures our hearts...I love seeing the back and the front of the don juan and the virgin of guadalupe... xo

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