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December 10, 2014


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Here lifting the veil with you and others, Rebecca...


What a beautiful shrine to accompany your graceful words. Hugs, Rebecca!


These mornings with Mary have been both magnificent and humbling. Thank you Rebecca.


Love the words on these pages as well as the images. Another day, another celebration!

Hettienne Grobler

just magical just magical! I would love to know you made this shrine - it is exquisite!

Paula Scott

What a beautiful Shrine! And, so lovingly done. As always, I find this journey with you and the others to be something very unique and special. A walk like no other. It is such a testimony of faith and love.

Fran aka Redondowriter

This is a fascinating photo of what I assume is someone's shrine workshop. It's good to see the finished product.


the crown is exquisite! so many layers in a day, in a life..

Laurie Zuckerman

Oh how I love this shrine. Did you make it, Rebecca? I covet it!! She is exquisite.

Today I am sharing some of my newest shadowbox/dollhouse shrines from my most recent exhibit in Fort Collins.


she is beautiful!


Awesomely beautiful, Rebecca. Mary's immaculate heart shown lovingly by your talent. Just beautiful!


She is so lovely Rebecca... I see you in her reflection... XO

Flora Calabrese

Sorry I am late to the party! I am so glad to have found all of you and all your amazing artwork in honor of the Madre. A true feast for the soul.

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