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November 12, 2014


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I have my Friday haiku all ready... but will wait a little bit to post... :-) Travel well. You might here my footsteps, or better yet my dance steps in the beloved court yard of Casa Carmen. You will feel my arms wrap around you in a hug each and every night. Have a magical time. I will think of you and the other pilgrims every day. All my love sweet friend. XO


I wish that I could hear the fountain, even better I wish I could travel with you. vaya con Dios, mi amiga!

artmusedog and carol

Have a wonderful time! Lovely haiku and photo is gorgeous!

artmusedog and carol
A Creative Harbor

Susan Fox

Dear Heart, as Lea so lovingly urges ~
"Have a magical time". x

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, I'm so relieved to see that we can link up to each other this week. Thank you for attending to this detail before your departure, Rebecca! Have a wonder-filled time in San Miguel!


So looking forward to dipping my fingers in this fountain every day for the next week and spending time with you and Orly and everyone else, Rebecca. My soul cup is parched and needs to be filled, I'll be soaking up San Miguel like a sponge!!


San Miguel will again welcome you with open arms, and your heart will be filled once more. Take care and be happy! xo

Laura Hegfield

So, so beautiful Rebecca… we had a similar idea this morning in writing our haikus… have a wonder-filled adventure!


Enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds and friendships of San Miguel. With love xx

Mark M. Redfearn

Yes, everything blossoms when love is the chief nutrient!

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