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October 12, 2014


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Ann L. Carter

My father loved his flowers. Every morning, he would walk around our small yard, checking on each plant. He called this "making morning rounds." I have kept this tradition and it is a favorite part of my day.


So very special Rebecca...i am reposting as this past couple of months has been a deep and soulful time of Artful Remembering. This post for my dad, his bright sweet smile still shines in all of our hearts.

artmusedog and carol

thanks, Rebecca ~ Honoring my Mom and Dad(now deceased and both died rather young ) as it is they who gave me life ~ and lots of love ~ I know they are still 'watching over me' ~ xoxoxo, carol


dearest Rebecca. Thank you for this opportunity to remember.
LOVE you so much. xxx


Rebecca it's always a pleasure to join you in remembering our loved ones.

peggy gatto

What would we do without memories?

Laurie Zuckerman

The morning my father died, I felt so utterly alone until a Monarch Butterfly came into my garden and lingered for awhile. I assumed it was Dad's spirit, and every year since on September 30, I wait for a Monarch to reappear. This year one did not come, and I felt despondent. Yesterday, after returning home from setting up a new altar exhibit in Boulder honoring my father's family, my husband cried out, "There's a Monarch at our rabbitbrush." Well worth the wait, Monarchs are easy to approach and to photograph. So wonderful, and so worth the yearly wait.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I had forgotten about this annual tradition, The Art of Remembering, until you reminded me that you welcomed my participation. Thank you, Rebecca, for providing this space to remember the ones who are no longer with us, but who are still precious to us.

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