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October 26, 2014


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artmusedog and carol

Rebecca and Dee ~ wonderful post and beautiful art work ~ with gratitude ~ xoxoxo

Happy Week ahead for you >
artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


I love how you include so many others in your postings,community, connection, dear to all. Paintings beneath the veil. xxxx L


Yes i painted St Michael Archangel - but though St Michael is often traditionally painted in a fairly feminine way - i have never been please that mine looks most definitely like a girl - LOL!


Dee's is a uniquely personal expression of her loved ones. So deeply meaningful.


I remember seeing this woman's art last year at the gallery, it was fabulous!

cynthia korzekwa



what a blessing to have such a talent! I try to capture my loved ones with the camera, but I'm seldom happy with the results. I think I did a better job back when I was a kid with my Kodak Brownie. But I must admit that in those days people were my main subjects. Did I just figure out my problem?
I love All Souls Day and remembering loved ones who are here only in spirit.

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