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October 20, 2014


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Deb Taylor

Dearest Rebecca,
I am doing the happy dance and feeling such JOY to see this here today! Thank you. I miss you. ~ let's run ( walk ) away !! ~


Beautifully written. Beautiful woman.


Love the words and photos you have shared with us here (I recognized the dancing Deb right away!), love that you are here to share them with us!


Beautiful thoughts unfold from your pen when you write. Your blog is a lovely place to visit. I read a couple days ago that San Miguel was about number 4 or so in the best places to live! Hmmmmmm. We had better watch you, or you might not come back one of these trips! ;)

Laura Hegfield

oh how amazingly joyful indeed… yes each of us a treasure trove… it is too easy to forget, and then a moment of clarity helps us to remember.

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