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October 09, 2014


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Beautiful circle of song and faith and inevitability.


the light is always love and life.

artmusedog and carol

You are blessing me with your delightful photo and haiku shining light into my day ~ namaste,

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Laura Hegfield

So glad you are well and had a wonder-filled adventure! Thanks as always for hosting and creating a loving healing space for us to connect with one another. Rebecca.


That is sooooo beautiful, Rebecca. It's good that you had such a peaceful time. It's nice to leave the tekkie stuff behind sometimes, isn't it? Makes us look not only within, but around us. There are such treasures there we sometimes miss. Love the gold in autumn. xo


Welcome home!!! Life is moving me in other directions than my blog this week, but I am savoring your fall beauty and welcoming the sun that finally made an appearance here.

we need to speak very soon!


Love the glow of those leaves. Autumn is such a beautiful season, enhanced by the change in the light as the Earth tilts and spins on its merry way.


I'm baaaack! I was exploring your blog and came across your mosaics. I LOVE mosaics. I wish I lived near so we could do some together. That skull you did in 2010 is totally awesome.....AWESOME!! Wondering if you used one of those plastic skulls as a base. It is so lovely, and so truthfully a "rebirth". Nice work, girl! I could (and have) sure learn a lot from you. xoxo


Oh, I was thinking that somehow the internet had disconnected us and I was not receiving your blog gems. I am relieved it was not a permanent state of your not coming into my blog "mail box!" Welcome home. You were missed.

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