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October 30, 2014


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I have been waiting... all week to come over and dive into your words, images, into the voice of your heart. If only I could blow dandelions wishes your way to lift your heavy heart, wrap it in soft kisses, and dance the darkness away... I am forever transformed because of you... I see the world brighter because of you... and my words spring from my heart with a joy and laugh that I never thought possible because of dancing with you... xoxoxo


Look with your shining heart and the world will never go dark.

Susan Fox

Cast your eye over here, I have a huge lantern in my corner of the world illuminating my ever loving heart! x♥x


I'm taking a good look too. It's a beautiful world indeed. Here's wishing you feel better. Hugs.


Lift your heavy heart, Rebecca, and KNOW that you bring brightness and love to many who seek it. xoxo

Magical Mystical Teacher

Despite the darkness, there is always--always--at least a smidgen of light. May it shine brightly for you!

Laura Hegfield

I pray our small words lift your heavy heart dear Rebecca… mine feels heavy this morning too, perhaps it is the weight of a dark sky, the rain soaked leaves still clinging, the sadness I feel over the sudden death of a friend's husband, illness in my own family… and yet there is always something to spark gratitude, some small something… scarlet peeking through russet out my bedroom window once the sky lightened a bit. May you find your one thing today, or many to lift your heart in gratitude and joy.


I am sorry to hear your heart has been heavy this week. I too am feeling a weight, mostly tears unshed. We must carry on, seeking the light to lighten our load. I know I will always find it here, thank you for that.

Kim Mailhot

Love and light to your tender heart, Beautiful One.
May your burdens be eased and may you find sweet comforts all around you.

Mark M. Redfearn

May you get not only a good look, but the best look of all.

ms pir

what they all sed and more .... may the light that u bring go before u and light yr path ..... love love love did I say love Elsie de Wolfe .... it is indeed a beautiful world filled with the light of people who care

artmusedog and carol

Hmm ~ had same type of week in a way ~ Want to see the beauty too before life ends ~ Enlightening haiku ~ Wishing you a 'light hearted weekend and week ahead' ~ Be gentle with yourself! xoxoxo

Happy Weekend to you!
artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

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