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September 18, 2014


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Laura Hegfield

dear dear Rebecca. as always your words and the light in your photo are a balm for the heart… thank you.


Despite my love of the early morning hours, I can't help but remember that the autumn of my life is fast approaching. That said, what better place to celebrate autumn than right here at Haiku My Heart? ;)


Hi Rebecca,

So much time has passed since I've visited. As I said in my Haiku My Heart post today, thank you for kindling the poetic embers as we greet Autumn's colorful audacity. I love that lady. She does know how to wear colors. Happy Autumn and Happy Haiku Friday, Rebecca!


artmusedog and carol

Another lovely photo and haiku ~ 'falling into the light' as I read it ~ very creative! Happy Week to you!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


This late summer sun, so rich and all encompassing. So hoping that it lasts and lasts. I am sharing a treasure trove of deLIGHT myself today...


Oh my, how profound your words are each and every week. It does my soul good to visit here and savour the beauty I find here.


oh, Rebecca, what an uplifting image that is. you captured all the light of the sun and the exquisitely golden flowers! thank you for your email message; I haven't yet figured out what happened to your glorious missives!


Wow, that is an outstanding photo and it makes me want to get lost in there. Beautiful Haiku to go with it. Hope you are doing well.:)Thank you for the beauty.


Rebecca... can you believe that a year ago this weekend we were falling into each others arms??? Oh that weekend seems like a lifetime ago... So. I am very grateful to fall into your inbox, into your haiku, and into this radiance of sunflowers that greet my foggy California morning... I love you. XO


So happy to be back among the light you bring!


Wow Rebecca. These words are heavy. Beautiful, and deep. You are so very good with poetry.
Sorry my name is in bold on Linky. No clue why. Google has not been good to me lately. I think you are going away again soon? If so, have a safe and wonderful, creative trip! Wish I could go. xoxo


What a beautiful thought your haiku leaves for us. Thank you for giving us a place to share our small words.

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