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September 26, 2014


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Mark M. Redfearn

I'm glad to meet with you, Rebecca, and everyone else here in this sacred space this early autumn morning.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Can there be anything more necessary than letting go? May all of us learn to do it gracefully. Happy Haiku My Heart to all!


We carry multitudes within and without. Love your haiku and the supportive interweb-world you have created here.


Oh my, how I love those words: "the way autumn dresses up to let go". Such a necessary step this time of year and yet I struggle against it each September. Thank goodness for the colours of this season that dazzle us with their intensity. This Towne poem is perfection!


so beautiful...the image, the poem, the story of how it came to be. We are connected in oh so many wonderful ways.



your friend's photo is stunning! in spite of so-called addictions regarding the internet, this touching story demonstrates the best part of the internet, connecting people who might never have that opportunity. thank you for being you, Rebecca, and for touching others' lives in such a meaninful way.


my Webroot program has been popping up with a danger message on Carol's "A Creative Harbor". Have you encountered that with her site?


Beautiful, and deeply moving.....thank you Rebecca.

Happy Autumn!

Susan Fox

Happy to be holding on to you my love as we float along in the golden light of autumn once again....x

Laura Hegfield

what a beautiful gift from your friend… this is a big part of the beauty and blessing of the internet in my experience as well Rebecca… I am constantly reminded that there is more goodness, more kindness and compassion than anything else in the world… listening to the news this is easy to forget.. but real people are mostly generous and loving.


Hi... i have posted :)

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"purple asters shine along the roads where autumn runs" inspiration for my haiku today.
xx Have a beautiful trip.


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Laura Hegfield

hoping you are all right dear Rebecca, not like you not to post. Sending love love love and prayers for healing.


Hello everyone,
Beautiful prompt. Came back after a long beak...

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