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August 22, 2014


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Rebecca, I think this is one of the most beautiful, soul-searching free verse writings you have posted. It touches me. The vase full of haiku is amazing. Take care of YOU. xoxo

Mark M. Redfearn

Sometimes my prayers just seem to slip away...


a vase of haiku
filled with pebbles and fragments—
phrases from my friends

Reading Pleasure

A beautiful and uplifting haiku, Rebecca. Do have a lovely weekend.


a vase of haiku - so beautiful - lovely!

artmusedog and carol

Good Morning to you and another lovely photo and creative and inspiring haiku ~ Happy Weekend to you and lots of xoxox


I will never forget the summer I had this exact image every night greeting me through my bedroom window.


Good Morning my dear...

I am continuing this journey, a flower in the vase of creative community.


Prayers slip through like clouds and kiss your sweet heart. Love letters from each of us, flowers in this vase of life... love you dear friend... xoxoxo


Giving you another flower dear one...from my heart.


What a pretty picture you paint with your words, Rebecca! So evocative of the delights of a warm summer's evening as it slips into the light of a new day. I can imagine myself sitting at that table with you, hope to have the chance to do so in person one day soon. xo


What a magical photo of the lovely moon reflected in water. (a pond?) I love that I can fill up from your well of words. thank you for sharing your gift with us.


Beautiful photo with beautiful words and awesome Haiku. Hope you are doing well Rebecca. Take care.

peggy gatto

Yes, lovely words and picture!

Ramesh Sood

Thanks Rebecca..for constant inspiration.. have come in with my second entry too.. do visit ..and check out a short haiku story..


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