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August 28, 2014


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Goodmorning Rebecca... now that I moved to the 'land of my childhood' and the Summer is slowly fading (I spotted the first brown, yellow and red leaves and spiders weave their webs...) I felt like writing a haiku and visit the group once again. It's good to see you dear, hope you're allright? Sending my love with the wind and the waves to reach you across the ocean.


O to see those stars!


I'm seeing a star soon. What an inspiration to end the week!

Mark M. Redfearn

Things are not what they seem! Starry eyes become flowers as they drink in more light!


Hi Rebeca. Hope you are doing well. Enjoyed your post and lovely Haiku. Have a wonderful weekend.

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful purple flowers and divine haiku with stars shining light ~ Happy Weekend to you!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


Starlight basks in the love of your open heart. Thank you dearest Rebecca. All my love to you as well.

peggy gatto

I hope you come by my blog to see my new Mary shrine! I am trying to link up with a new computer and not to say the least.
Some of my best friends are in the stars!!!


Oooh, how lovely. I'd like to see those pretty purple flowers when the bud opens! So glad to be here, sharing haikus with everyone!

peggy gatto

Thank you rebecca for adding my link!!!

Laura Hegfield

And you Rebecca are like Galileo, opening the heavens to us as we gather to peer through the loving lens you provide here,


in recent times, I've neglected pouring my heart out to our Blessed Mother, then thankfully, I am drawn here and to others who know just the right medicine for me.

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