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August 07, 2014


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Mark M. Redfearn

If there must be something between joy and grief, may it always be love.

Laura Hegfield

Bless you dear Rebecca in this compassionate surrender… love is the center of everything. It returns us to balance in the midst of the raging winds of every other emotion.


Oh, I so hope that all of our distillations can always be love!


In between these beats... I will drink this distillation of love with you... with the swaying pink ladies and mandalas spinning... XO

Reading Pleasure

May love fill that gap between joy and grief. Lovely weekend, dear Rebecca.

artmusedog and carol

Love is always there ~ life is like a roller coaster sometimes or riding the ocean waves ~ You haven't 'come undone' ~ You are 'coming together' with more love and stronger as I see it ~ Happy Day to you ~ xoxo


what a powerful message, dear Rebecca!

Kim Mailhot

Love and light to you and your dear heart.


I adore the way you have taken the opening of a flower and applied it to your own opening, or "coming undone". Without occasionally coming undone, life would be way too tight and harsh. This was beautiful. And thank you for your understanding comment on my free verse post of last Friday's Haiku. My heart became peaceful again when I read the trail of words you left. Bless you Rebecca. I am so glad Gemma brought me to your blog some time ago.


Blessings to you Rebecca. ::hugs::


She's come undone...she didn't know what she was headed this case, the letting go is a good thing, making room for whatever is coming next. You are not alone, we are right here with you, sending even more love to you.


always in my heart, in love and light.

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