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July 10, 2014


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On these edges... may we have wings to fly... may we have grace to guide us... into this unknown dance... your laughter wraps around me like a hug... it fills my heart, these small words of yours and ask me to dance, yet again. Yes, I say. I will dance this edge with you, always... XO


"No one knows." And yet we think we know it all! How humbling writing haiku is. Just a handful of words that can make or break the universe...


Your words embraced me with their wisdom this morning. The very act of living one breath at a time is the path to joy ! Thank you, Rebecca!


This is a beautiful photo and beautiful words Rebecca. I think that most people live on the edge of life, and just don't realize it. How could we, when life offers such tantalizing goodies? Reality is usually just out of sight and loving fiercely is all we know. Love to you.

Laura Hegfield

Every word a blessing as is your photo filled with light. Thank you for shining upon us all dear Rebecca.

Reading Pleasure

Beautiful post, Rebecca.

artmusedog and carol

Another gorgeous photo and lovely 'right on' haiku ~ your spirit is divine ~ thanks, xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Payal Agarwal

Beautiful photograph and beautiful words full of positivity. Loved it! :)

Deb Taylor

shining light with you
my heart longs to be near you
someday we will bloom

Kim Mailhot

Grateful for this moment, grateful for the hearts I get to touch and be touched by along the way. And grateful for gatherings of hearts like this.
Happy Friday, Beautfiul heart.


Cultivate compassion..lovely. In yoga today a similar sentiment.

Is it possible to be kind? is always possible.



no one knows...that is what entered my mind when I read the directions for a colonoscopy prep this past week. "If you have a living will or advanced directive, please bring a copy with you the day of your procedure." For some reason, those words did not stand out to me, but this time...oh, yes. We have only today, and I am glad that you and other haiku writers are there with me.


dancing, floating, loving haiku and you.

Susan Fox

Back where I belong with my Haiku family...x

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