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July 31, 2014


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Mark M. Redfearn

When August lets out! ;)

Reading Pleasure

We shall have a lovely month, bound by love. Happy August, Rebecca.


"Untamed" seems to be your favorite word and mine this morning! May our hearts always be wild enough to write haiku!

Laura Hegfield

Beautiful Rebecca… I'll be there/here too:-)

artmusedog and carol

What a divine photo with the bumble bee and love the message of your haiku ~ letting go so key to living life well and divinely ~ xoxo


Oh letting go into August is so meaningful to me this morning. Thank you for the wonderful image of the bee! Now I know where the bees go at night!


Yes. August. Brings to mind "dog days" and sultry, hot evenings, warm breezes and 2 a.m. 88 degree temps. But...we must have August. Be safe and happy this August, Rebecca. xo


Lovely words and photograph. May those delicate bees wings survive August's letting go.


I too want to be untamed and shameless... I will slip into August with you... with all my heart.


Judie, I hope we get that warm weather of which you speak! It has been feeling more like autumn here lately than summer but I must let go of my expectations and allow the month to unfold as it will. I shall be like this bee and drink deeply of the nectar that is before me!


what a spectacular capture of bee and flowers! I really like the shadows too!

Payal Agarwal

Beautiful photograph and words.

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