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June 08, 2014


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This tears at my heart, Rebecca. I understand your loss. I wish you peace today.

Deb Taylor

rushing in to hold you. I love you. Let us not waste another moment to savor our time together. Awake. Alive.


May you hold that special love in your heart until you do indeed meet again.


Your friend knows...


Sending love... to you today and always. That pull of the heart... always... there you are, it sings... there you are. I love you dear friend. Holding your heart with gentle hands... XOXOXO


Dream or reality, the love between you two friends reached across the veil and touched.


{{ thinking of you,
dear one ...
your memories
your emotions
your YOUness

xox }}

Fran Pullara

What a beautiful tribute to your friend, Rebecca.


i am always touched with your use of language. what a perfect and poetic post about the deep deep bond of true friendship.

Paula Scott

So, so sorry for your loss-it does shock the senses and creates a gap in one's life as you/we learn how to continue on without them. May you find comfort and solace in all that love that surrounds you and is sent your way.
Hugs, hugs and more hugs,

Laura Hegfield

How blessed she was/will be beyond earth time to have you as a dear friend, closer than close.

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