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June 03, 2014


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Susan Fox

My friend, this is one of the hardest of tasks dealing with the dark box of sorrow, but knowing others have found the gift therein lifts the heart.... x


Sorrows are one of the greatest teaching gifts we can receive. When we recognize the lessons they hold, we cannot help but be better, stronger, and dare I say it - because the IMP in me just has to - fast!!

Mark M. Redfearn

A friend of mine with leukemia may be dying at this very moment in a Seattle hospital. He nearly died last night. If and when he loses his battle with cancer, it will probably take me years to see the loss of this kind and gentle soul as a gift.


My condolences to you, Rebecca, and to Mark. The lessons we learn from grief are not always welcome or immediate but there are blessings to be found in that box of darkness, if we are open to receive them.


"They" say...out of the darkness comes light. I am hard put to believe that, but I keep looking, for what else can we do except hope, pray, believe, carry on and keep looking for that light?

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