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May 11, 2014


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and she gave
I know that I am forever thankful for that.

happy mothers day rebecca!


Happy Mothers Day to you.
Love the artwork of Maggie Taylor.

Laurie Zuckerman

Lovely Rebecca, you are so lucky to have your mother by your side in real time and space. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day together, celebrating and rejoicing each other. Would love to see the two of you dynamos in action in your studio. What synergy!!!

I, too, owe so much to my mother, Blanche Kleid Zuckerman, who fostered and nurtured my love of art at an early, impressionable age. Wish she was here to enjoy all of the altars and memory jugs I have made in her honor since June 14, 2001, the day she exited our earthly plane.

Missing you, Mom! And missing my soul sister, Rebecca Brooks!!!!


Such poetic words. Visiting is always a must.
I have been burned out so i apologize for a precarious
presence. However, referring to my mother, five
times married, eccentricity, to embrace adventure, to roll
with the punches, to do everything with love, and
to cook like a pro. She also taught me to take care
of myself since she was rarely there. So I kind
figured things out by myself which has made me very
very strong.
Sending you tons of love




Yes, just beautiful.

artmusedog and carol

Such wonderful gifts from your Mother and lovely tribute to her ~ My Mom gave me love and was a treasure in so many ways ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

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