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May 09, 2014


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It's the simplicity of this place that draws me back week after week. Glad to be here again with loving hearts!

Reading Pleasure

Lovely photo and words, Rebecca. Thanks as always!


Sipping the nectar here... funny... I almost used a picture I took yesterday of a bumblebee buzzing in my sweet-peas... but I took a different path and will travel on to our circle sipping and dusting our journey with gratefulness as I go... love you. You are a bright star in my sky! XO

Kim Mailhot

Conscious light sharing sounds like the perfect present moment purpose !
Sending my light to join with yours, Beautiful Rebecca. Happy Friday !


Thank you for this! I wasn't going to post today but the light shining from your words inspired me to look around for my own light! Again, thank you!

peggy gatto

Oh so sweet!!!!!!


And honey gaily walks....

Laura Hegfield

What a joy to bask in the light of friends. I have been off line all day today (and yesterday too) … my daughter had a medical procedure. I will take my time soaking in and reflecting light out towards everyone.

Ramesh Sood

Rebecca.. Your reminder was timely... Here I am..I think one entry is repeated from last week error there.. Can you have a look and remove it.. Couldn't do myself..




we owe a lot to the bees, which unfortunately are slowly dying in some areas. magnificent capture of one here, and your words bring sustenance to my heart.


oops, I skipped right past your efficient explanation of a haiku!

artmusedog and carol

Reflecting the light back to you with love, peace and kindness everyday ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

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