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April 03, 2014


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peggy gatto

I miss you Joe.
I see you each night in the stars.


Joe. In my thoughts, behind the clouds, beyond the blue....


Have been missing Joe myself quite a bit, and especially since you mentioned him last week. a beautiful tribute... thanks


Wonderful tribute to Joe...Missed him here!! I seem to have difficulty typing this a.m. as I couldn't spell my name correctly...have a grand weekend!!!

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful tribute to dear Joe ~ even before I read the rest of your post, when I saw the 1st photo with the motorcycle I thought of Joe ~ what a beautiful soul ~ touched my life even from cyberspace ~ xoxo

Your photos and haiku are delightful and loving as always ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol

Mark M. Redfearn

My one and only meeting with Joe and Barb in Prescott three years ago is a precious memory. Not only was Joe a man of peace, but a man of laughter and generosity as well. I still have the sage bundle he gave me. Smudging with it on June 28th would be an appropriate gesture of remembrance, don't you think?

Reading Pleasure

Though I'm far away in Africa, Joe Spadoman is never far form my thoughts especially when it's time for Haiku My Heart. A beautiful tribute you've written, Rebecca.His memories live on!


so happy to go visit Joe again...what a wonderful, generous, gentle spirit.

I often think, if it were possible, what a gift if Barb was able to create a book of Joe's beautiful prose.



I miss Joe's kind and warm comments and wonderful stories every week. Even though I never met him, I could feel the warmth of his big heart in his words! Thank you for writing about him again!


I have been thinking of Joe a lot of late... I miss his wise words, his humor, the way he would think on things... I will walk my labyrinth during those days. Holding circle from here, overlapping with there, as his friends and family gather in these beautiful ways of honoring our peaceman. Thank you Rebecca for the connections we make here that ripple on and beyond our small heart words each Friday... XO


I only started reading Joe's blog very close to the end of his life but I have enjoyed scrolling back through his posts, his essence remains! I posted my haiku using my iPhone but I'm not sure I can link, thinking of you all this Friday, even though I'm on vacation!

ms pie

was sorry to hear of joe's passing... was glad to have met him thru your site rebecca... the first photo speaks volumes... a traveler indeed, and i am sure still traveling... so happy mr linky was updated to cure what ailed him previously... my link now shows up...


Thank you Rebecca.

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